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artist’s statement

“Art for me, was always a deeply personal escape from the pressures of life, from other people, a healing exercise I’d do when I needed to get away and recenter. I was naturally talented in art, but it was a certain middle school basketball coach, (who moonlighted as the art instructor), who recognized said natural talent and formally introduced me to my passion.”

“I would describe my art as a truly emotive and abstract expression of a human experience; a moment, a smell, a memory, a dream. I aim to replicate the essence of my experiences through emotion, texture, color, and processes. My mixed media process is incredibly therapeutic and each time, I learn something different about the process and about myself. I create to express, heal, and connect to the energy that feuls my soul. It’s such a joy for me to send off a true piece of me to a happy client. I create mixed media paintings on canvas, wood, and fine art papers. I use various tools, mediums, and embellishments to execute with the highest level of craftsmanship. Every stroke and layer is arranged with careful intention, filled with expression and mystery.  I am also inspired by all things Art, Design, and Décor, and reflect this in the use of texture throughout my work in both fine art and digital executions, and through my personal style. Fabric replaces pattern, foil and glimmer replace glow, glaze replaces flow. I draw inspiration from my senses and how I take in the simplest of experiences. I express these moments and memories through color and texture. While you may also find figurative and traditional pieces in my body of work, I generally work in the abstract by choice as it challenges me, and invites the viewer to evoke their own personal experience and connection to the piece.


about :: lazetta fitzgerald-bryant

is the Texas-based, full time artist and graphic designer behind J.Dream Studio. Specializing in print design and mixed media fine art, LaZetta has 12+ years of graphic design experience, a degree in Graphic Design, and clients in the US, Australia, and, the UK. Though J. Dream Studio is new, LaZetta’s history in the arts is deep rooted.

“I learned the basics of ceramics, printmaking, photography, woodworking, as well as painting, drawing, and digital art in my early schooling and later found my home with Graphic Design.”

She tends to revisit the basics of fine art in her digital design work because it allows her to give a personal quality and signature to her work. She draws inspiration from life and other areas of design as well. Interior design, fashion trends, print technology, and architecture are just a few of the genres LaZetta frequents for inspiration to create her signature work. Recently, LaZetta has put most of her efforts towards raising her 2 young children, designing for her graphics brand, (IG: @jadeberthcreative), curating, making beautiful mixed-media art, and finding functional uses for art-inspired design.

“I aim to share my love of art and my true belief, that it has the power to change your life. Through art, I found hope, and a way to cope with the pain and aftermath of trauma. I was allowed to blossom into someone I never thought I could be.”

She hopes to use her work, life, and platform as a way to support her ultimate passion to give back via art education and resources for under-privileged youth, contributions to art-centered programs and events that
promote mental health, women’s empowerment, community, and healing.

When she’s not painting or designing, LaZetta enjoys exploration, family adventures, art experiences, coffee, and sushi. Yes, sushi.



Color: Green
Flower: Tiger Lily
Artist: Georgia O’keefe
Medium: Acrylic + Resin

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