Working with LaZetta to discover the right piece of artwork is a very unique process. Whether it’s an original or reproduction that will fit your needs and budget, there are loads of options. Artwork is personal, and finding that perfect piece should be as well. Learn more about custom art below.

Original Commissions

If you love LaZetta’s work and want an original piece, but need a specific size or color palette then a commission might be the answer. First reach out to LaZetta to explain what you’re hoping to achieve. Feel free to share photos of your space and let LaZetta know which of her works you are most drawn to. From there LaZetta will ask more questions, put together an estimate and map a plan to create your commissioned artwork.

Everyone is a collector

Buying art is not only those who are patrons of museums and opera houses, art collecting is for regular people too. When you choose to include things in your home: a sofa, a lamp, china, a rug– it’s a decision of value. You value beauty and creativity and the people like LaZetta whose livelihood is making those experiences for you. You want to own a beautiful unique piece of art that reflects your style and yes your values. Custom art is an investment. Your purchase is a one-of-a-kind heirloom that will grow in value and maintain its beauty throughout and beyond your lifetime.

Custom Artwork Reproductions

Browse through the gallery and you’ll find curated collections styled to showcase the work in different environments. Select your favorite work and then decide:

  • how large of a piece do you need?
  • is paper or canvas is right for you?
  • if selecting paper, what frame fits your style?
  • if selecting canvas, is mounting needed?

Every reproduction is custom-made to your specifications. There are so many more possibilities, in fact, too many to list in the shop. If you are looking for further customization, it‘s not unusual. A lot of our clients are. Simply reach out to LaZetta to discuss your needs. She‘ll advise you on design, let you know your options and all the costs involved, so you can move ahead with your preferred selection.

Licensing + design

J.Dream Studio offers a collection of artfully inspired designs and patterns for use in creating unique products. Contact the studio if you are interested in LaZetta’s designs and would like to discuss licensing opportunities.

Trade Members + Wholesale

We have options for you as well! We love to partner with like-minded, art-loving businesses and organizations to do epic things. Shoot us a message to discuss your project idea!

LaZetta’s background in fine art, graphic design, large format printing, and photography allows for collaboration and consult on larger than life projects. If you are a member of the trade, please contact the studio directly for more options.

Services Provided

Consulting, One-of-a-kind, original mixed media Fine Art Paintings, Decorative wall Art + Prints, Hand-embellished Reproductions, Artfully inspired Graphic Design Services, Commissioned works.

Areas Served

USA, Greater Houston and surrounding areas, Atlanta, Miami, NY, LA.

contact J. dream studio

Inquire about an original custom art piece, licensing LaZetta’s designs, custom reproductions, or ask us about specialty projects like: printed murals | acrylic prints | metal prints | curation | backlighting | conceptualizing | signage

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